Our Crew

At SAS, our consultants and technicians are experts at identifying factors that could affect your septic system. From the tank to  the drain field, our technicians will ensure that your septic system is operating properly and that your tank levels are normal. If you are having issues due to abnormal levels, our experts will provide a clear and detailed observation along with recommendations to get your home or business running smoothly as soon as possible.

 SAS specializes in professional and affordable new standard and aerobic septic system installations and grease trap installations.  Our staff has a combined 30 years of experience to design and install all septic and grease trap systems.  Our licensed installers will educate you throughout the installation process to ensure your job is done efficient and economically right.   

New Septic & Grease Trap Installations

Conventional Septic Systems

Aerobic Septic Systems

Grease Traps

Septic Pumping & Grease Trap Cleaning

Conventional Septic Tank pump outs

Aerobic Septic System pump outs

Grease Trap Cleaning & Hydro jetting

Tank and Grease Trap Inspections


Conventional & Aerobic Septic System Repairs

Drain field repairs 

Drain field relocation

Pump repairs

Sprinkler redesign and repairs

Grease Trap repairs & recoating

Septic tank replacements

Riser Installations